My Skin Is Brown & They Still Hate It

Love yourself
Love Yourself

Think about it.
The reason racism exists is because we actually matter.

I mean,
We’re hated because of our…
Skin color

This skin has a cost
And it’s great
They want what we have
But when it’s time to pay
You all run scared

Our skin is brown
And no wonder why they fear us

My skin is brown
This causes us to be guilty just because


Freedom ain’t free you see
We aren’t really free
Let’s just say if it’s our skin, we’re not.

The feeling of being here as just a void
We fear for our lives
but you only fear our skin color

Thinking we can all eat but we’re still starving
There’s no grey area when they are taking our lives

Yes, they are killing women too
And even our children

But we still have the biggest problem yet
Unifying us
Supporting us
We’re clouded by the deadly sins of
Making money our God

And once we fix that
We can live
Live as a brown-skinned individual

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