So what is an introvert?

I’m an introvert, hiding in a hole.
I’m an introvert

I don’t know about other people but I have known for a long time that I’m different. My dad would always call me the shy and timid one.

All my life, I tried to fit into this extrovert society that we live in and even if I attempt to raise my voice I obviously sucked at it and I got exhausted fighting who I am.

Maybe I wasn’t the only one. I didn’t know there was power of being an introvert. So what is an introvert? I would define an introvert as someone who is filled with energy that is bottled up and find peace in calm, quiet, and thoughtful atmospheres.

Now I wouldn’t say that all introverts are all shy. Being shy means that you get nervous in social situations. A lot of symptoms happen but for me I talk a lot rather than being super quiet. Other people get shaky hands, a red face, and shaky voice. However it’s not linked to being introvert.

Being an introvert means that you are stimulated by being alone, and get super drained by social situations. I get super drained when I’m in social situations. Secondly, a lot of people (like myself) feel comfortable with deep and meaningful conversations and skip the small talk. I hate small talk. How you feel about introversion?

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