Want to Know How Do I Feel?

Incoming Dr.House quote

What Dr. House said to Lisa Cuddy after she broke up with him.

“Want to know how I feel?! I feel hurt”.

Dr. House and Lisa Cuddy
Dr. House & Lis Cuddy

I do. Mentally and physically from my symptoms of my depression and fibromyalgia. Like someone is squeezing my muscles and nerves constantly. It’s incredibly frustrating dealing with feeling misunderstood & doubted. What looking a healthy individual on the outside is someone riddled with consistent dull aches and overthinking about everything.

Having those days where I have to act “super extroverted” — way more than normal. Then when I get home I just want to lay in bed all day. It’s hard to explain to people how much energy it zaps out of me. Especially when I have to overexert myself and almost pretend that I’m not introverted for other to see me and not be overlooked.

If people only knew what it feels like to loose interest in the things you enjoy. My days are riddled with lost time. It sucks the life out of me. I don’t just “snap out of it”. It don’t work that way.

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