Unpacking the nuances of the phrase “We the People,”

“It is more than a sculpture, installation or a mural providing visual beauty. Life is more meaningful when you are surrounded by creativity; when cities invest in public art, it is guaranteed to elevate the mundane into that which celebrates.”

We the people: yesterday, today, and tomorrow theme for the museum exhibition delves into the significance of the Preamble and unpacks the nuances of the phrase “We the People,” its imperfections, complexities, and present-day interpretations.

The Color of Our Skin created by Mellyssa A. Diggs​ at the We The People: Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow Exhibition in Ontario, CA.
The Color of Our Skin created by Mellyssa A. Diggs

My piece was focused more on our skin color rather than the “black lives matter” movement. My piece was created during the night of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has been brought to my attention the vulnerability as a society. Racism — the melanin in our skin — has been an issue for more than 300 years alone but now hidden behind many labels. Most aren’t aware that racism exist because it’s hidden by systemic “inclusion” even when it doesn’t make national news. The constitution has been against many people of color rather than help. The print I created is a symbolism of the lives of black people fighting against others, police brutality, systemic racism, ourselves and the constitution built to keep us out.

Others included artist Amy Smith created a mixed media stencil and collage pop art painting of activist and advocate Chanel Blac Lumiere featuring other equal rights activists, from our past, present and future. Creating a conversation about the current state of the constitution, who it was created for and asking the question, What about everyone else?

The exhibition is from now until April 16th.

Check out my video from reception night.

We The People: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Exhibition in Ontario, CA.

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