Creative Asymmetrical Bralette from Parade

I’ve been a partner with Parade for a while now. One of my favorites is the asymmetrical bralette. the one-shoulder bralette is made with three layers of the brand’s recycled Re:Play fabric. It also has a bit of spandex for stretch and a 100 percent cotton lining for breathable comfort & the bra comes with a lightweight underboob band for support.

One Shoulder Bralette from Parade. Use code mellyssaangeldiggs at checkout.
One Shoulder Bralette from Parade

Shop now: $34; (currently not available but there are other bralettes)

💙 Use my code: mellyssaangeldiggs at checkout

I can wear this bralette underneath clothes or let it stand alone as a top in its own right. I prefer underneath my clothing. However, if you’re a bit more bold, you can style it with high-waisted jeans, wide-legged pants, or an asymmetrical skirt to double the drama.

Of course, I got it in my favorite color — blue but it comes in other colors too. If it’s anything like Parade’s other comfortable bralettes, this asymmetrical one is sure to be your new go-to.

Hopefully, Parade will re-release this again so you can pick from one of the 10 inclusive sizes available so you’ll be able to add the bralette to your cart.

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One Shoulder Bralette from Parade

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