Dr. Bradley’s Nano 40 Pain Serum

At the Los Angeles Fit Expo, I seen a lot of pain products and CBD. One that caught my attention was the Nano 40 Pain Serum.

Nano 40 Pain Serum – small bottle
Nano 40 Pain Serum – close up of roller ball

What I know about this product is that it penetrates the skin to get to the root of the pain using a plant based gel. It is FDA approved.

It takes 45 minutes for you to feel it working but it starts work sooner than that for me & that’s a pro. The product does work.

Here’s the con: it’s $125 for the full size bottle (which is a months supply of used everyday) and $62 for the smaller size. Secondly, I don’t know where they are based from. I was told California but no location is listed.

If you have chronic pain or any kind of pain issues and don’t mind shelling out the money for this product, you can purchase it HERE.

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Using Nano 40 Pain Serum

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