Identifying As Disabled?

Disability pride colors that’s held in July.

I remembered the term “disabled” as a kid meant being without a certain function. I say this because my dad is legally blind and legally disabled — or without sight. This was a mindset I had – without a certain function (physical or mental).

However, I learned more on how complex identifying with a disability. Unfortunately, being disabled is not as easy as someone coming along. It’s complex because, for those who can get access — you aren’t told you are disabled. I couldn’t even accept that as a term for me.

At 20, I developed Mono & and after that I developed every kind of chronic pain and issues associated after I got better. I didn’t know why I would have pain in certain tender points, feeling of being weighed down, so much tension in my muscles, & fatigue. All this until an acute diagnosis of Fibromyalgia at 27 (2017).

No one has asked me if I considered myself disabled. However, I do understand I should have access to certain resources according to ADA laws. Disability is confusing, overwhelming, & personal. If you are wonder if you are disabled enough — that’s your choice because only you know. There isn’t a one-way to be disabled, no list of requirements that you have to meet either. I say, assess how you really feel day by day. Some days may be good and some days may be bad. For me, disability is just another label & another way to say “you can’t” when you can in more ways that you think.

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