72% of entrepreneurs wrestle with mental health.

This is according to a study by the National Institute of Mental Health.

I also know this because I struggle with anxiety and depression & the struggles with being a solo entrepreneur.

I think, for entrepreneurs, they get very afraid of uncertainty & so many are afraid of uncertainty.

However, if you don’t manage your mental health well — it can get lonely. You can have decision fatigue. You can have burnout, tons of external pressures like being part of the hustle culture. If we’re not managing our mental health then it will take over. I want to bring awareness to this.

I’m not a therapist but I know a lot of us including me struggle with showing who they truly are or being vulnerable because they’re supposed to be the expert in their field, and they have to show up like that in front of their audience. So the day to day of being an entrepreneur—and let’s be honest, just being a human—requires a lot of decisions, often tough decisions.

We as entrepreneurs have the tendency to ignore our own needs on behalf of the business. Despite spending most of my life navigating mental health struggle without know and the last 5 years managing it, finding people who could listen and be present with me in my darkest moments saved me and also working through my own mindset.

I found a sense of freedom after applying self-compassion and forgiveness to my challenges. When we can accept what is, without fighting against it or judging it, the challenges stop being challenges. Now is a great time for every entrepreneur to prioritize their mental health and put a mental health plan in place. Identify who you need to reach out to, what actions you need to take and how you will support yourself through challenging mental health seasons. You deserve it.

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