Taking Back My Time (& Energy)

Taking back your time isn’t just for entrepreneurs but this is about life. Since I was a teen, I’ve always had to work harder than everyone else, catered to everyone’s needs & do the best I can to make other a little more happier. At least, try to. This is all while working a full time, later-intensive job + being a full-time entrepreneur.

However, let me ask you this? How many ‘must-use’ productivity hacks have you tried? And how many have worked? If you’re anything like me, you will have worked through A LOT of different time management strategies. Probably wondering “why this haven’t work for me?” You may be like me — an introvert with an on ramp and off ranks kind of brain. This creates an over flow and feeling of overwhelm and it’s beyond exhausting.

The last few years, I’ve been trying to learn to take back my time. Lately, I’ve worked so much it generally makes me sick. The hustle culture; the struggle will do that to you. It does that to me. So I say, you have to counteract what drains you and prioritise what lights you up

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