I speak in song lyrics and love quotes
I’m socially awkward and rather impatient
Waiting in long lines is something not-so good for me.
Don’t even think about walking slow in front of me.
I will rage and walk around.
I rant about everything
From how someone is telling me what to do
To social issues and social change.
Somehow you like that about me.
I’m rather impatient most of the time
And plan everything out to the T
It fits within my OCD
I don’t really like people
Nor do I like politics.
But that is acceptable to you
And I have let you in.
Checking, 1…2…3…times again and again.
I opened my fragile self to you.
I don’t feel the need to always do something to gain my greatest satisfaction
Because you are my greatest satisfaction
My greatest notification
My humble 140 characters
My 600 x 600 pixel image post.
You are like a song I can not get out.
You know, that favorite song you sing to yourself day in and say out
Even in shower.
Because you can’t help it.
You have and are handling the worst of me
My mental craziness
Where I’m down one day and excited the next
This is all before getting all of me.
You take care of my mental
And match me psychologically
You are here
And you there
Not just somewhere
But with me
Even when I’m half sleep
You are there when I could go Insane
And freak the hell out.
Now I don’t have to check the door as often
Where I’m second guessing everything.
And paranoia sets in
I’m more comfortable
But still fragile and susceptible
You are now lodged into my bloodstream.

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