Cosplay Process I Use For My Skin & Hair

I am always asked about my process when it comes to my makeup when doing cosplay and most notably when I do Harley Quinn. As a melanated women, I make sure my attention is on my skin and hair.

Before I apply anything, I begin by moisturizer my hair using the LOC method. This keeps my natural hair hydrated and nourished.

The products I typically use:

Next is moisturizing my face, this part takes a bit of time. However, I do this daily every morning including when I’m ready to cosplay a character. I have to protect my skin.

Lastly, I begin to apply my makeup for the character. This case, I’m referring to my Harley Quinn makeup. I recommend practicing before apply makeup so you know what you are doing.

I use a primer on my skin before applying face paint and makeup for better coverage and longer-lasting paint. This also makes the paint to adhere to solid, smooth layer.

Next, I always use White Paradise makeup AQ by Mehron for the all white and this takes a long time in order for it to be smooth and blended. For around the eyes, I use the Black Paradise makeup AQ by Mehron. For the lips, I use the liquid makeup by Mehron. Lastly, I use either a setting powder for this or the Dewy finish spray by NYX Cosmetics. This keeps all the paint on all day and when I wear glasses too.

When it is time to remove my makeup, I use Dickinson Original Witch Hazel Cleansing Cloths. This removes 95% of the makeup. I hope in the shower to remove the residual paint off. After that, unless I’m doing a cosplay the next day, I make sure I moisturize my face and apply Differin Gel to protect my face.

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