The Link Between Stress and Autoimmunity

They say that there is a link between the brain and the heart or a link between your breakouts and your stomach. Well, there is a link between your stress and symptoms of autoimmunity. This is something that is highly overlooked. I did a lot of research since my diagnoses of fibromyalgia and it says that people with chronic stress have an increased risk of developing autoimmune diseases or chronic illnesses. People with PTSD are at the hugest risk.

Those with autoimmune disorders report that stress is a trigger. For me, I admit, I stress easily on certain things. I cry every other week and feel depressed every other week causing chronic pain and according to my doctor, and increase sense of my autoimmune system being overactive constantly. The cycle goes on and on and then the flare-up causes more stress.

They say if you take the stress that the flare up will be less and your autoimmune system wont go haywire. However, that is harder than it looks. For me, I’m in fight or flight mode 75% of the time and I’m surprised I have the ability to continue working. Strength isn’t a factor. Survival is. People who suffer just want to survive even if it’s just one day.

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