Comic Con Revolution 2021

Fans, exhibitors, and creators finally reunited once again in the inland empire for Comic Con Revolution. After it was cancelled in 2020 due to the conronavirus pandemic, Comic Con Revolution returned to the Ontario convention on December 18-19 bringing big guests to the city. This years event, I believe still triple in size compared to previous years.

The autographs is in the main ballroom of the convention center making the lines have more breathing room. The list of guest was very extensive for this event. 2019, it was Dean Ambrose and Lita. This year it is Darby Allin, Brian Cage and Sammy Guevara from AEW!

Getting into the convention wasn’t much a hassle for me. I’ve heard mixed comments about getting in especially those with pre-purchased tickets. Things felt as if they were a lot manageable even with the COVID restrictions and guidelines. The convention itself was very fun but it is still relatively best for the newer generation of cosplayers and fans. Artist Alley definitely felt huge this year. I do be looking for a lot of black artists but I seen only 2 that didn’t include special guest Lester Speight.

One of my main reasons for going to a convention is for the cosplay and me cosplaying myself. Fan cosplaying was decent. It wasn’t a lot as I would expect though. The talent and decathlon to the craft that so many came to recognize, event after event make me content. I had the chance to meet and talk to a lot of talented people and the kids had the chance to feel a little normal during this pandemic and have a little fun. Comic Con Revolution may have been a small con but the level of awesomeness when it came to cosplay was still exciting.

Overall, I did enjoy myself at Comic Con Revolution. I met new people saw some old friends, saw some cool cosplay and saw some amazing art (please support artists alley and independent artists). This convention was very close to where I live and very friendly, especially when the kids all want to take pictures with you in cosplay. I do look forward to another Southern California growing.

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