Deltahub Caprio 2.0 Ergonomic Wrist Rest

I got new desk goodies from Deltahub! This is the Caprio 2.0 Ergonomic Wrist Rest. I got it in a small. The mission of the Caprio is to lessen or help reduces soreness and numbness in the hand and wrist fatigue. I get this on the daily due to my diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve damage + entrapment.

Money: $34.90
Compared to other conventional wrist rests, it does cost more but it is not conventional.

Aesthetic: It’s really the best looking wrist rest I’ve seen with a clean, minimal design that will look great with any setup (even RGB).

Sense: I’ve heard it takes others to get it in the right position but for me; no time at all. It fits smoothly for me. I’ve had carpal tunnel in my hands and fibromyalgia for a while now and I already feel a difference in my wrist to hand ratio.

The Caprio is light and easy to carry around and the silicone pads comes off with ease. The Carpio is available in two different sizes; small and large.

Technology: the bottom of the Carpio allows for fluid gliding and there is a left handed version available. It improves wrist position, improves your productivity without the wrist fatigue, and moves with your whole arm and not just your hand. It you purchase both the left and right, you can used it with your keyboard wrist rest.

What else I got with this (not shown):
• Minimalistic Desk Mat (L)
• Minimalist Desk Mat (S)
• Carpio 2.0 Limited Edition (L) Left
• Carpio 2.0 (S) Left
• Carpio 2.0 Limited Edition Replacement Pads (Green)

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