Los Angeles Comic Con

Los Angeles Comic Con is a three-day multi genre convention usually annual every year in downtown Los Angeles. It is still one of the largest in the US. This year is the 10th anniversary of the convention from December 3rd-5th. I have not been to a convention since COVID began. It is good to cosplay and “geek” out at a convention again. Was it the same before the pandemic? Of course not? Especially since we have the new Omicron variant. Amid all the restrictions, LA Comic Con still made it happen of course with proof of vaccination or “negative” testing.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

People arrived after 4pm to soak up the costume cool energy, shop and watch panels from the main stage. Even though there was a hefty crowd, we weren’t shoulder-to-shoulder and it felt nice. The spotlight this year is: Cobra Kai, Star Trek, The Mandalorian, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Friday’s main stage debut is about Owning Your Brand. This was probably the best introduction to creative branding discussion with Grammy nominated music producer and founder of eSports team X-Set, Clinton Sparks with online gamer Atomic Mari (Mari Takahashi) and multi-media personality Erin Ashley Simon.

Saturday is a full day of cosplay, fun, artists more guests and more art. NFTs are making its journey in the world and what it means for artists. The first panel discussion on the main stage features Nicholas Frontera (Apollo NFT/Jose Delbo/Satoshiverse), Colin Hornett – VATOM, Klaus M, John Karas, Lesley Siverman/John Kara’s or StrawberryWTF from 0N1 Force.

As an NFT artists myself, NFTs (or Non-fungible token) means a sense of ownership but you still have to promote it and do the leg work. There is nothing more valuable than human creativity and there is no right or wrong way to create an NFT.

Later in the afternoon, an interview and lively discussion with two of the most famous voices in animation, the actors who bring Spongebob Squarepants and Squidward to life…Tom Kenny and Rodger Bumpass. They discussed, of course my childhood, one of the best loved, longest running shows in television history.

L.A. Comic Con host to 800+ diverse artists and vendors selling comics, collectibles, art, toys, apparel and everything in-between. Loungefly always have been popular at conventions and this weekend was no different. The brand designs backpacks, wallets, purses, pins, and accessories. Loungefly revealed limited exclusives for the con including Beauty and the Beast, Mighty Ducks and Harry Potter. I’m a big fan of Harry Potter.

A lot of artists and exhibitions were at L.A. Comic Con and I had more time to chat with different artists. I had the opportunity to support a friend from work, Chewgamers. I always like handcrafted artistry. Beautifully crafted and soft too.


Artist alley is an integral part of convention. Getting the chance to meet fans and meet the artists who actually create the stuff you enjoy watching and reading is an important element. Having people interested, see and purchase your work is a great enjoyment. They are small businesses within the fandom (including the cosplayers) and for smaller creators, the networking aspect is even more important.

For Los Angeles Comic Con, the official attendance was 94,900 fans, creators, artists, celebrities, vendors and cosplayers. The conventions was not bad at all even with the health restrictions in place. Conventions are what you make it. Happy 10-year anniversary to L.A Comic Con

Cyberpunk 2077 Cosplay

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