Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie Review

Mortal Kombat is all about sweet fights and gory fatalities. Being a gamer myself and a fan of fighting games like Mortal Kombat, the series hit all those elements awesomely.

The movie directed by Simon McQuoid, hot theaters and HBO Max Friday, April 24th 2021. The movie kicks off between the history between Sub-Zero and Scorpion. We learn about the history of Mortal Kombat; battle between Outworld and Earthworld.

The fight sequences and choreography serves as highlights of the movie. One thing I did enjoy was Kano (played by Australian actor Josh Lawson). He seems to take over since his appearance and doesn’t let up for a second. Especially when he rips out the heart of the acid-dripping lizard and utters “Kano wins”. It was natural when it was utter from his mouth compared to others.

For the complainants, I found Mortal Kombat movie a definite improvement from previous movies. However, it is a loud, a little choppy with storylines and gory attempt to win lost fans and gain newer movie goers. Sonya Blade was honestly over used but she gives the historical content of Mortal Kombat. Some of the other characters were not needed or didn’t seem to fit since it seemed to really be focused on the Lin Kuei clan and Shirai Ryu clan (Sub-Zero and Scorpion).

Overall, the blood game finally gets its “gory” due as it gives us almost 2 hours of extreme violence and doses of humor (mainly from Kano) and backstory from 2 legends from the game. It truly wants to get the movie right. It’s not a “flawless victory” but it definitely wins this battle.

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