A typical, not-so typical day with anxiety and social anxiety

There is that ping in my neck again. The one you feel during stressful situations or when you think something is going to happen. When you head out for the day, that tunnel vision kicks in and you walk in such a straight line because that is all you can see. You feel as though people are looking at you; gawking at you but you continue on with a bit of paranoia.

Back to the ping in your neck. It’s throbbing with pain where it comes and goes. It feels like someone is poking a needle in your neck over and over again for several seconds. Sometimes you have to stop what you are doing just to see if you can stretch out that pain.

It doesn’t stop there though. You check and recheck small things as though you left something behind. Sometimes you zone out for a few seconds just to think or to try not to overthink. Pair this with depression and chronic pain and it feels overwhelming. Thoughts swirl and run through your head. A constant worry that you may have forgotten something important or feel as though you haven’t done anything you said you was going to do. Music and funny videos may be what is needed at times to force your mind to find anything that can take you away from the chaos.

Anxiety is something that is misunderstood and under minded. I say stay informed, awake and aware of anyone living with anxiety. It comes in different forms and varieties and sometimes from people you least expect. Sometimes they are functional and sometimes they are not. Don’t judge what you are completely informed about because you know know what that person may be going through.

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