Don’t Look at Me Strange When I Say I have Fibromyalgia

Black Woman, Adobe Illustrator, 2020, Designed by Mellyssa A. Diggs

Before 2015, I though the tightness and dull pain was normal. Normal for the majority of my existence. I never would have thought it was a form of Fibromyalgia. What is Fibromyalgia anyway? It is a unique illness of widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. This explains for of what I was feeling than my anxiety and depression and combined.
It is difficult for doctors to figure out because there is no cure. Does your back hurt to to an underlying issue? Does your joints ache because of a “real” issue? Or is all of it Fibromyalgia. Symptoms get dismissed and untreated most of time. For many, we are healthy but with fibromyalgia patients experience many of the same symptoms as other illnesses. Our sensory nervous system go haywire with debilitating fatigue and dull pain constantly. Some do no believe it’s possible. The bright lights, loud noises and large crowds are irritating. In my experience, I can last 4-6 hours before my nervous system acts up and this is without something trigger it.
As a whole, patients with fibromyalgia deal with the social stigma and even the eye rolls. It is an invisible autoimmune disease that makes us susceptible to other autoimmune diseases. We deserve the same level of empathy, kindness and respect you give to others.

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