Anime California Con 2019

Anime California Con was a very decent convention held on August 23-25 at the Burbank Marriot Hotel. This was the kind of convention to really chill and relax with friends. It is a convention where you can take a break if you are an avid cosplayer. Anime California Con is definitely a “come-as-you-are-and-chill” type of convention. Of course, I was only able to go if it was for my good friend Denetra. Who so happens to be a guest at this convention with a panel on fitness and cosplay.

There were a few highlights including some guest including Lauren Landa (Sailor Neptune) and Sandy Fox (Sailor Mini Moon). Both are the voice actors of the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars English Dub.

Cosplay was still ongoing from popular mainstream characters in anime to comics. All aspects of pop culture were cosplayed, including video game characters.

Overall, as a returning convention, it still provided a good turn out.

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