Los Angeles Tattoo Convention 2019

The LA Tattoo Convention was held August 9-11 at the Long Beach Convention Center, hall C. Your body is really your temple and it’s the best canvas for ink. There were more than 200 tattoo artists highlighted from across the greater Los Angeles area and outside the area. This is a real tattoo convention for the people. You even are able to network. This is a good opportunity not just for aspiring tattoo artist but tradition artists in general. I, myself, is an artist and graphic designer and I love the conversation about the passion for art.

Hormomiji Tattoo

Art and Soul Tattoos

The Good D Tattoo – @thegood.d.tattoos. Jo Atwood – Avalon Tattoo II

Japanese Traditional Tattoo, Kotobukitattoo – @fernandoamarianoo

Shine Studio – @shinestusiotattoo – Devonne

Detroit Diesel Tattoo Works – Mica Cat, Illusion Parlor – Ma-a

Sacred Tattoo – Nick Wallin – @sacredtattoooakland

Boerne Tattoo Co. – Lacey Mychael

With all the great tattoo artists, I was able to get a design I created tattooed on my wrist by Spreafico Paola from Art and Soul Tattoos.

The tattoo conventions is always open to many possibilities and with such more space for finding an array of artists all in one area.

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