I’ve always struggled with Stress.

I have always struggled with some sort of chronic stress. I was always unable to manage it especially when I was younger. I was always on the go. I was always trying to make my dad proud of me. I got good grades, made honors, and overall a “good kid”.

On to of that, I was always teased and bullied. I never really had many friends. When I came home from school I watch anime and did my homework or played video games. However, deep in my mind I would always think of what would happen if I wasn’t around. Suicidal thoughts would cross my mind but were never severe.

As I got older, Anxiety was more present. It wasn’t just being anti-social or shy. The thing about anxiety disorder that deep down you know it’s quite dumb. you know that things are not a big deal and should took right off of you but that when anxiety actually kicks in. That small things becomes the biggest thing and it keeps growing in your mind, flooding your nerves, and trying to escape from underneath your skin. I hate every minute of it and no one recognizes it or even have the patience to try. Most will just slap an ordinary label and it makes things a lot worse.

As I got to my 20’s and more on my own the anxiety makes me overthink everything. At times it makes me think people in my life will leave. I tend to feel abandoned and worthless. The depression aspect will kick in after that. People with anxiety experience it differently. I experience different from others.

I have actually several different anxiety disorders. General anxiety disorder is characterized by persistent worry about everything. I really do worry about almost every little thing. At my worst, I am in tears. I am restless at night with muscle tension and easily fatigued. This happens even when I’m going about my day. My brain will feel like a tornado of thoughts swirling around causing destruction.

Now, my social anxiety disorder is another story. Instead of panic attacks I get the feeling of knots in my stomach. I am actually petrified of a whole bunch of people at once. Though I am also an introvert, it is more than that and more than just being shy. I can still work but there is nervousness inside me everyday.

Lastly, OCD is one of the most complex anxiety disorders that most really understand. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is defined by the relationship between between obsessions and compulsions. This is where my suicidal thoughts happen. No, I do not want to die nor do I want to act on them. However, it causes some of my anxiety and serious overthinking as to why I exist.

From the outside looking in, I’m overreacting. From the inside looking out, there is a constant battle. How anxiety affect people is as unique as a fingerprint.

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  1. I feel you on this. It’s hard to explain that feeling! I have anxiety too and sometimes it just takes over and I get internally bruised… and the worst part is that no one can see your injuries!

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