I’m not OCD, I have OCD – There’s a difference.

As someone with OCD, I am always questioning the things I say or do. I guess you can say I want to be flexible. I want that but then my social anxiety kicks in and I hold back or feel embarrassed if I will say something wrong.

When others use the term “OCD” to bring attention to their particulars I try not to correct them because not too many understand what OCD is or what it is not. The struggle overall is the stigma of mental illness. Part of that struggle to de-stigmatizing mental illness is to not using “shorthand” for universal behaviors.

When someone gets down on themselves for not “doing something right” even if you do numerous things right we are requiring the impossible standard of perfection. That is not related to OCD. However, I do have an issue with perfectionism myself far beyond the practice of it that everyone does but that is another topic. It affects every single aspect of every single second of our life’s even when it’s invisible.

Me not getting certain things done regardless of how badly I want to do it is more of a compulsion not a preference. I’ve done so much research on the human brain and behaviors especially the last few years was me being obsessive not particular. Studying and researching other topics like astrology, anthropology, and reaching thing that possibly will bother me later if I didn’t find out the answer is a obsessive-compulsion for the impossible.

I have OCD. I still don’t know how long I’ve had it. There have been intrusive thoughts and obsessive-compulsive actions. It’s an invisible illness. Use your words wisely.

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