Ronin Expo 2019

Another year in the heart of Little Tokyo is the Ronin Expo. With the renovations of the Japanese Garden, events took place inside the theater and the outside area.

Opening ceremony began at 11pm with musical performance by Lolita Dark! Who else to better introduce the 2019 Guest of Honor none other than Jeffrey Clark with host master Tyler McPhil.

As usually the weather was beautifully warm for June. Vendor that were there had beautifully crafted items at their tables.

Some tables had games to win prizes. One in particular was Maid Academy Cafe with a bean bag toss. A friend and I won candy. Toshiki Girl was also there with their products, which are high quality. Artist-San Studio is another bender who is frequent at Ronin Expo. I purchased the last Sailor Moon keychain of their collection.

Itasha Alliance, just like every other convention returns for Ronin with their awesome sports cars.

Overall, the beauty of a convention is the interactions you make and Ronin Expo is a small con uniting the connection of people and Japanese culture.

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