The Fit Expo Anaheim 2019

This weekend, TheFitExpo Anaheim took place between June 1st and June 2nd at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. Everyone from health care owners, personal trainers, retail buyers and consumers, fitness ambassadors and competitive bodybuilders and athletes. Each yeah the Expo attracts people of all ages and fitness levels.

There were tons of events to attend:

  • Arm wresting
  • Dodgeball competition
  • Zumba training
  • Group training zone
  • Various lifting competitions

There are always special celebrity guest that attend the expo one being Cassandra Martin! Tru Supplements Massy Arias and 4-time Olympian Jay Cutler have been a regular and promoting their products and expertise.

The best part of the expo is always leaning about new supplements and products. One in particular is Reign Body Fuel. This product has popped up in the vending machine at my job not know what it was or who. After the expo, I found out it is from the makers of Monster, which is already a popular brand and similar to Bang. However, there are differences. Even though Reign contains CoQ10, amino acids, electrolytes and vitamin B3, B6 and B12 it tastes somewhat more sweeter than Bang. This may not go well for some. The marketing is almost similar as well. That is another issue. As far as flavor, Peach Fizz is probably the best tasting.

SweetSweat, personally has reigned supreme at the expo. Nothing but fun and high energy, a life demo of their products, and always a free gym bag. As someone who trains 6 days a week and a fitness nerd, I own practically most of their products and if used correctly definitely beneficial.

Every expo I attend there are always something new, something interesting and/something funny. One booth was the Inspire Fitness Studio.

Some booths like to have fun, some will give out free samples and giveaways and then there are fitness challenges. Golds Gym always has fitness challenges. My forte is squats in which’s I did 610. I also did a 1 minute plank with Papa Barkley Essentials. Ironically did 40 banded squats with Shogun Sports.

Overall, The Fit Expo Anaheim was a successful fun filled fitness weekend. There was so much to do and see and family friendly. The growth of the fitness industry continues to evolve with innovative products and the rise of creative workouts introduced. Anaheim provides another greats fitness experience.

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