The End of An Era (Incoming Spoilers) – Avengers: Endgame!

The final movie, Avengers: Endgame was released April, 26 2019 and it is the greatest finale you could ever image…21 films! Floating around in space with no food or water, Tony Stark sends a message to Pepper Potts as his oxygen runs low. Meanwhile, the remaining Avengers — Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, and Bruce Banner — must figure out how to bring back half the population that vanished in the hands of Thanos. This was one movie that you will be filled with every ounce of emotion.

I feel as though Endgame focuses on the original 6 Avengers while Infinity War was really Thanos’ movie. I didn’t know what to really expect from the movie, but I did know a lot of questions would be answered with this film. Endgame really pulled together a lot of different stories, while being together a whole arching plot. Best believe you will get emotional when watching Endgame whether it is of sadness or joy.

By this time, everyone has seen Infinity where Thanos snaps his fingers to eliminate half of humanity. With Endgame, I could break it down to three parts. With any movie, there is always a “calming” or “setting the scene” stage, which is the beginning of the movie. This is the most essential part of the movie because we get to see sides of the characters we don’t normally see — the vulnerable sides. We really find out who each Avenger is and their personalities. They show what their life’s are like after the snap and how it affects them as a person. Marvel movies are superhero films from beginning to end but with Endgame, we get to see their human side and their emotions.

Black Widow runs most of the operation while looking for Clint who lost his entire family after the snap. Clint becomes a Ronin in Tokyo killing “evil” people. You can really see the pain after loosing his entire family after Thanos’ snap.

We jump to how the snap affected Thor. Not to well at all. He gets fat and is unable to deal with everything that has happened with that five years span. This is probably the most awkward scene.

I think the most heartwarming scene in the movie is Stark and Pepper having a daughter and actually living a normal life.

The next part is the mission. The mission is plan and simple, “whatever it takes” to bring back everyone. It is a combination of everything.

Black Widow’s sacrifice felt right to me because it came full circle. She paid her life for Clint as he did for her years ago.

Obviously, the last part is the epic battle. What’s a MCU film without some sort of battle? I believe it’s the best battle I’ve seen. With that being said, the two most important yet epics scenes is when Cap grabs Thor’s hammer. You will hear Thor say “I knew it” relating back to a scene when Thor sees Cap move his hammer when trying to pull on it. The other scene is when EVERYONE comes back to fight Thanos and his army and with this you hear the the phrase for the final time, “AVENGERS! Assemble!” Honestly, I was in awe of the cinematic history taken place. It’s so incredible that I (and probably other fans) watched it twice. All the stories fit into place and so many emotions within three hours.

The most important death is Iron Man. Even though I expected it I didn’t want it to happen. His last words were what started it all “I am Iron Man” after swiping the Infinity Stones from Thanos and snapped his fingers wiping Thanos and his army from existence.

The focus on the characters were really a good portion of the movie. I think the character development of Hawkeye was the best in any MCU film. We learn more of Captain Marvel in Endgame as well. She is a part of the original Avengers.

At the very end, Captain America has a major impact on the MCU films as a whole. He went to back in time to put each infinity stone in its place in time. When it was time to come back, he did not return. He returned as an old man. He finally was able to live his life with Peggy. He then passed his shield to Sam, which was the right call. He is essentially the next Cap, which also happens in the comics.

Were there any negatives of the film? I couldn’t find any even after watching it a second time. I enjoyed formulating my own opinions after Infinity War. Endgame was really a movie for the fans. 21 films leading up to this. 11 years of film making leading up to this. This is one film to just enjoy. Endgame is really a perfect end to a masterpiece in my opinion.

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