Long Beach Comic Expo 2019

This year, Long Beach Comic Expo was held February 16th and 17th at the Long Beach Convention Center. Long Beach Comic Expo invades the city of Long Beach once again with its mission to celebrate comic books. This year it was all about the writers, exhibitors and publishers of comics.

This year’s convention featured a lot of “girl power”. Something I have always look forward to when women are the center of a comic series. One popular panel featured at this year’s convention was “Women On The Dark Side” hosted by comic book artist, fine artist, writer and director Susan Lee. The panel focused on women in the comic business.

Tokyo Pop was definitely the biggest attraction. I’ve been a fan of Tokyo Pop for a long time when they were founded in 1997 so I knew what to expect with all my favorite titles. Again, the main focus is comics. That is how it should be.

Of course, there is always cosplay. Everyone knows I always cosplay. For Saturday, I did Steampunk Riddler and for Sunday I did a Hogwarts student. It turned out to be a very decent convention.

Check out the phots from my other half on his website:

Part One | Part Two

One response to “Long Beach Comic Expo 2019”

  1. Omg your costumes are amazing- love your style!

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