Harajuku Meet-Up #37

It is 2019 and I am still the same person. However, before I begin creating new j-fashion ideas, here is the last fashion style from the Harajuku meet-up on December 15, 2018.

Courtesy of Ivan Abuto
Courtesy of Ivan Abuto

Courtesy of Garland Tennell

Courtesy of thesteelshark

I am inspired by cyber fashion, cyber pop, & cyber goth. In this society, it’s called Rave fashion but I digress. If you look into today’s Japanese street fashion styles, there are patterns of plaid, silver, black, and even some neon colors.

Taste My Poison Hologram Shrug, TV Static Mock Neck Top which is underneath the Techno Goth Sheer Dress and Technosexxual Reflective Gloves

All by Club Exx Clothing purchased from Dolls Kill.

Flare pants are from Forever 21

Ultimate Artistry Pro Palette Make up by BH Cosmetics

Lip color by NYX Cosmetics

This year, there will be more Cyber fashion looks and more urban j-fashion styles.

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  1. Love this look!

  2. I’m really digging your makeup. I don’t know if people say “digging” anymore.

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