Bullying & Anxiety

We all known about bullying and how it can affect people especially children. What a lot of people don’t know is that the anxiety caused by bullying can have physical affects as well.

I will tell you that I was bullied as a kid well into my teens. Kids would steal from me, break my glasses pretty frequently, and call me all sorts of name. There were days I would get off school crying but hide it from my dad because I never wanted to worry him so much. It became a constant thing and became much more paranoid around people. I never knew what people were going to say or comment on.

Bullying range in different levels. Children can become hospitalized, get sick, and even commit suicide. It is said that children are prime targets when you are shy and timid or look less likely to stand up for yourself. I was that child, unfortunately.

People underestimate the mind and body connection when it comes to anxiety. It is suggested to make the school aware or someone aware of what’s going on. In my case, it always seem they were against me rather for me. This really did make the anxiety worse. I was told that the kind was jealous or liked me. I was told that kids are just being kids.

Today, the affects of bully really makes it hard for me to make friends fully. I will talk to them but I’m always surprised when someone is nice to me. I always felt that when people are nice to me that they either feel sorry for me or actually want something.

Childhood bullying is actually serious and the mental and physical health affects can not be ignored.

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