Avoidant Personally Disorder

I have be doing more research based on how I’m feeling week by week. I ask myself why I can not be normal? I also ask why doctors think a pain pill can solve most pain. I am the type of person who is quiet and reserved and because if this many think I’m rude and arrogant. I’m not. I’m just misunderstood. The fact that what I’m feeling has a name really puts me at ease especially for someone like me who always feel inadequate and resistance to others due to the fear of rejection. All this ties into what is called Avoidant Personality Disorder. Even though this is a fancy name, I do display symptoms of this disorder. I will disengage socially, take fewer risks, and perceive myself as inferior to others. I will get frustrated that I’m not good enough . This is just something I was able to live with because as long as I remained distant I wasn’t a burden to others.

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