Long Beach Comic Con 2018

In life things happen for absolutely no reason. After a long ride on the Blue Line with the 1st delay on the tracks on Washington Station and another delay further down between Firestone station and Compton station I finally made it to Long Beach Comic Con.

This is my second year in attendance but this year there is a new location on the lower level of the Entertainment Center. The weather was decent and getting in was pretty easy.

Upon arrival, I checked out the Exhibit Hall. Of course, there is no wi-fi at all unless you pay for it. I got the pleasure to meet Christian Calloway, Ray Rise, and Gary Hersheberger from Twin Peaks, which were a lot of attendees favorite due to the Twin Peaks reunion.

I also had a lovely conversation with Dino Andrade, the voice of Speedy Gonzales and Hellsing ultimate.

At conventions, there are always amazing professional makeup artists. E.I. School of Professional Make Up was there at the Social Square with exceptional body makeup of Black Panther, Shuri, and Okoye from the Black Panther movie.

Towards the middle of the exhibit hall is the Artist Alley. There are so many exhibitors but one that caught my attention was is Tara who owns Gear Oil. I purchased the Anxiety and Pain oil roller ball. I think both are important for those who go to conventions and in life. Mental Health is just as important. It’s part of your regular health.

Even though I write and provide content, I am also a cosplayer. I decided to go light this yeah and display a Victorian Era Steampunk outfit.

Overall, the convention was very relaxed and always a pleasant experience minus difficulties with wi-fi, I do recommend people to attend for a pleasant time.

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