Harajuku Day Fashion Meet-up 33

For this Harajuku style, I combined influences from Visual Kei and Street goth. No matter what you have heard or read, Harajuku fashion is not dead. It is changing but it is certainly not dead.

I kept the style light due to the weather being 96 degrees. I created an Avant Garde style make-up design using NYX cosmetics and added jewels.

As for my outfit, I wore the Moto Rush Mesh top By Current Mood from Dolls Kills, ACDC Rag Hip-Hop T-shirt, ACDC Rag puffy Skull skirt (black) from Fickle Wish, and cat Lolita-like tights from Hot Topic.

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  1. I remember Harajuku style from Gwen Stafani in the early 2000s. Glad to see it’s not dead.

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