Supporting Local Artist

I believe that supporting local artist has more meaning and value than spending thousands on generic work. Art and culture has the ability to enhance the quality of life for a community. Art is something that truly nurtures the spirit. However, there are a lot artists today that are “starving artists” including myself.

It is really important to support local arts. When you do, you support all aspects of creative freedom. Artists create art to reflect their ideas and their hidden messages behind their work. The art is artists create are from our heart and passions. It is much more meaningful then those big corporate companies.

Society, unfortunately classified art differently. I am tired of seeing what most of society classified as art. Artists try to sell their work and some either want it for a lower price or free. By this, they devalue the work we put into the piece. It is not some piece of simple jewelry, drawing, design, clothing, books, etc. It takes hours, days, weeks, sometimes months to plan and create one piece.

For me, I also fit the mold of a “starving artist”. I am a graphic designer, an illustrator, I sell art prints, and even wrote poetry. It is difficult to obtain clients and potential buyers for art prints. At the end of the day, we do what we love and would love more support from the rest of society.

For those who follow me, I really appreciate you all. It means a lot to me. You can find my art prints at

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