The Dark Angel

The Dark Angel

I like dabbling into the mysterious. I think everyone should be free. You should do whatever you like when it comes to clothing and gender roles. Men can wear make up and skirts. Women can wear men’s pants and white t-shirts. I don’t think it should matter how you dress because of gender. The choice in clothing get limited because of gender. It is a real shame. Your choice in clothing is narrowed and I do not think that should be the case. Enjoy life through bold expression. What you wear, the music you listen to – however you express yourself – it is about enjoying peace and freedom of creativity. That shows who I am and who you really are. I have no desire to fit in (at least not anymore)

With this style, it’s Goth made simple. I embrace darkness and the color black. I also embrace the concept of being weird. I do not worship the devil or evil sports and I am not Emo. The hooded Baphomet Maxi Dress is from Killstar. The dress is adorned with repeating sigils – a horned deity archetype. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. The accessories are like with a spiked wrist cuff from Hot Topic and fingerless gloves (which is my signature).



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