Wondercon 2018

Cosplayers invade Anaheim convention center from March 23-25 bring amazing cosplayers, games, premiers, collectibles, comics, and so much more. Wondercon is one of my favorite conventions because it is always innovative and you never feel crushed by crowds and with the new hall built at the convention center, it is a lot more space and a lot easier to navigate.

Let’s talk about the premieres and what I’m looking forward to. From just 3 years of attending Wondercon, Warner Bros always make an impact every year. Not only does the new movie called Ready Player One will be released soon, you are able to meet the main superhero’s of the film. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to meet them but a lot of my friends did. I am looking forward to the film.

Another thing is that DC Action Comics is celebrating 80 years of Superman. Action Comics #1000 will be released soon and fans are excited especially collectors. The classic red tights are back. A panel was held to celebrate and talk about their favorite moments and the massive anniversary issue all together.

Now for the cosplay. As a cosplayer, I take time to put together my cosplay. For day 1, I channeled my inner dark side and wore my Sith Lord cosplay. For day 2, I debuted my newest cosplay: Princess Mononoke. Everyone loved it. For day 3, I put together Steampunk attire. Many cosplayers and other attendees really loved how all the pieces to my outfit came together.

[more pictures coming soon]

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