Harajuku Style at Long Beach Comic Expo

Long Beach Comic Expo was held at Long Beach Convention Center on February 17th and 18th. Thousands of comic enthusiast and cosplayers displayed their best cosplay at LBCE. The convention center was filled with characters from various television series, movies, comics, and video games. This annual event provides a place for comic enthusiasts to discover and enjoy local artists and exhibitors, meet celebrities, attend panels, and bond with other cosplayers and enthusiast. I even had the pleasure to meet Lisa Marie Veron. She is TNA women’s champion and former WWE Women’s champion under the alias Victoria. One of the things LBCE is known for is the dedication cosplayers put into their costumes. This also goes for myself because I am also a devoted cosplayer. I am know for my Harley Quinn and Catwoman cosplay.

As I spoke with attendees whom previously attended LBCE, they tell me that it was surprising smaller this year and way less cosplayers. I have attended Long Beach Comic Con, which was bigger than LBCE. In my opinion, the exhibit hall was very nicely organized with a lot of walking space. However, according to other professionals and cosplayers the overall size seemed smaller than previous years and used half the exhibit hall.

A lot of attendees on Saturday were excited to meet Joe Keery, the actor who plays Steve Harrington in the sci-fi Netflix original. The line to meet Keery literally wrapped around the large area filled with excited “Stranger Things” fans, enthusiast, cosplayers and the like.

What I wore was a combination of Harajuku fashion and Steampunk. The idea came out pretty interesting. For the bottom, I layered a black tutu-like skirt, a brown asymmetric ruffle skirt, and an ACDC Rag Skull skirt. For the top, an ACDC Rag Harajuku Top with a steampunk underbust corset, fishnet top underneath, and bondage accessory. I used a more natural based makeup and added light color.

Whether LBCE was a chance to network, see celebrities, meet old friends, make new friends the fandom culture was alive and well.

Picture will be available soon.

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