Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con 2017

Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con is usually my official last convention of the year. Formally known as Comikazie, it was from October 27th to October 29th (October 26th being early badge pickup). I enjoyed myself more than I did last year and even stayed at the Miyako hotel in Little Tokyo. Something I wanted to do for a while. This is one convention I feel that will continue to grow in the future. There was some epic guest for this year’s convention, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who was promoting his new movie Jumanji. However, Stan Lee is the key to this convention and even seeing signed comics well over $1,000. Of course, the fan and the cosplay is a big part of the convention as well. For me, I debuted my Mary Jane cosplay on Day 1 (Friday), and even though it was for a couple of hours, everyone loved.

I even got the chance to meet YaYa Han, who is known for her elaborate cosplay and cosplay fabric (sold at JoAnn Fabrics). She is the sweetest woman and has the greatest admiration for her fan. I met the voice actor for Wanda (The Fairy Odd Parents), Susanne Blakeslee. I even spoke with the voice actor for Gir (Invader Zim), Rik Simons.

Along with cosplaying, I also take photos. Thanks to my man The Steel Shark, I actually found my passion for photography again that isn’t nature related. For day 2, I was 2B for NieR Automata, the video game. On day 3, I brung back my Catwoman. I am pretty well known for that cosplay (as well as Harley Quinn). Overall, this convention was a great kickoff to Halloween and a good end to the convention season. Look for more meetups and Harajuku fashion.

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