Long Beach Comic Con 2017

On September 2 and September 3 weekend, Labor Day weekend was Long Beach Comic Con. This was the first time I attended this convention and Long Beach in general. It was also unfortunate that I was sick. It didn’t help that it was 100 degree weather.

Long Beach Comic Con is a convention for everyone. It was a little strict and in my opinion, there was no point on bringing props. There was security at the front, bag check, and a wand detector. However, once inside, it was relatively a decent convention. It made for beautiful lighting for photos as well. For day 1, I was a Steampunk Tracer.


Courtesy of ShutterBug.Sam (Instagram)


On day 2, I did my first couple cosplay with my boyfriend The Steel Shark. We were a part of the Gryffindor house and everyone loved it. Secondly, I met all his friends. I have never been introduced to so many people before and I never expected on so many people wanted to meet me. Long Beach Comic Con may not have amounted to the craze of larger cons, but sometimes smaller cons are a lot better.


Courtesy of The Steel Shark



LBCC Day 1

LBCC Day 2

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