Anaheim Fit Expo 2017

The Fit Expo in Anaheim is a 2-day event that was being held from August 26th to August 27th 2017 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim. Vendors from all across the globe gather to showcase a wide range of products and services such as fitness equipment, supplements, oil products, tanning products, protein health products and many more products and services concerning fitness. Also, there is a wide range of fitness and bodybuilding competitions and competitors to meet. I normally attend this event in Los Angeles, which will be held this year January 7th-8th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Everyone loves free things and just attending one day, I acquired plenty of free samples and purchased materials from vendors of Bang Energy, Sweet Sweat, Celsius, Vitamin World, NLA for Her, and to name a few. Normally, when I travel I go alone, but this time I had a guest. Or should I say my boyfriend who is also a photographer as well. His photos from the event are on his website: The Steel Shark.

The most interesting thing or highlight of my day was when I finally met Massy Arias, and I also met IFBB Pro bodybuilder Jerome “Hollywood” Ferguson.



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