ScareLA 2017


The 5th annual summer event ScareLA was hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center August 6-7th. It’s an event meant for those who love and can’t wait for Halloween. This was my first year and and even though I attended one day, I had a blast. I was even accompanied by The Steel Shark. For those who have been wondering with the multiple status. Yes, we have been seeing each other and as of today, he is my boyfriend. As for what I wore, I decided to go for a more goth style mixing the typical black with a deep purple. Some will call it Cyber Goth. I’ve gotten more compliments on my style than I would at a typical anime/comic convention.

The atmosphere is eerie and slightly dark. The music isn’t recognizable at first listen. It invokes the mix of dread and morbid curiosity that marks the best of horror, suspense, and theatric realism of effects and blood.

This Halloween event promotes big and small head to Scare L.A. Including guests like John Kassir, The “Crypt Keeper”, actor Robert Allen Mukes, voice actor David Fennoy, make up artist Philipe Hernandez and Wendy Ferris, and so many more.


Click Here for some photos.

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