Harajuku Day Fashion Meet Up #17

The style for this Harajuku Fashion Meetup in Los Angeles is a mixture between Gothic Lolita, Punk Lolita, Visual Kei, Decora Kei, and Pastel Goth. This is held in the Little Tokyo District of Los Angeles, California. I finally went with the lighter color of purple. with goth-like clothing. For head gear, I wore a Japanese bucket hat that reads “Balance”. This is something that fit when wearing my tow-toned colored wig of blue and purple. Hand warmers have always been what I wore in and out of dressing up since I was about 14 years old. I cut the sleeves off a Visual Kei goth top that is designed with an inverted cross. The sleeves will be used at a later date. It is covered with a sleeveless corset jacket with a sheer train in the back (One of my favorite pieces). I normally wear skirts and dresses, this time in light purple. It is an elastic high waist suspender skirt. It is ideally common in Harajuku style. The stockings are sheer at the top and black at the bottom with a start shaped right above the knee. The shoes ended up being my favorite piece of the whole Harajuku outfit. The gothic, open toe, strappy, chunky heel sandals were super comfortable more than I would imagine. I wear heels all the time and these were possibly the most comfortable. These photos were taken by Ian Guzman and other will be posted by John Woo later on.

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