Anime Los Angeles 2017

January 27-29 was the first anime convention of 2017 I attended; Anime Los Angeles. Animé Los Angeles took place in Ontario, California. This is one convention I live close enough to take public transportation to. It is minutes from Ontario Mills Mall and the airport. My lineup was pretty simple: day 1 was Steampunk fashion, day 2 was Sith Lord, and day 3 was Kakashi from Naruto.


The Ontario convention center is a decent size space for almost everything the staff and attendees needed. It has more attendees than last year and I believe it will only get bigger every year. There were a lot more food trucks this year. I always go to Okomoto Kitchen for their Cheese Mochi Sticks and Fluff Ice. The lines were extra long for the food trucks. Other than that, I went to the mall for food, because it was cheaper.

Out of all the conventions I have been to, the staff was actually the nicest out of any con I have been too. They actually took the time to be familiar with the area and the event. Maybe it is because it is small, or maybe some other reason, but it was nice to know that effort was taken to do their jobs.

Lastly, I speak of the cosplay. The cosplay displayed at the convention was interesting, creative, and full of fun and even inspirations. There were everything from Steampunk inspired cosplay, Star Wars, Overwatch, and none were over saturated. There was a lot of excellent variation. Overall, the convention was great to attend and local (at least for me).

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