Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con 2016

On October 29th, I attended Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, previously named Comikaze. It is much smaller than Anime Expo, but a lot bigger than I imagined. I was, as usual, respectfully nerding out, I noticed how everyone was decked out in there favorite cosplay as their favorite character. Each moment of comic con brought a lot of cosplayers in different iterations of Negan from the Walking Dead, Harley Quinn, anything Star Wars related, DC and Marvel related. I even seen the reinactment from those who cosplayed as Walking Dead character of season 7 premier of the Walking Dead, where Glenn and Abraham were about to be hit with Negan’s bat Lucile. Plenty of families attended the event with their small children and even their pets. There was plenty to do and enjoy. Some enjoy going to panel, others enjoy the exhibit hall. Personally, I am not a panel goer. However, I enjoy roaming the exhibit hall in search for unique merchandise (and Sailor Moon), and cosplay inspiration.

On the 29th, I cosplayed as Blackcat. It wasn’t over-sexualized but it was classy. I had two photoshoots that day. One with Ivotron and the other with Nick Nack Photography. On the 30th, it was a lot more families who attended. Even though it was cloudy and eventually, this never stops cosplayers from attending. I cosplayed as the Riddler, in which people loved. I have seen the original Batman from 1966 on TV, when he was played by Adam West. Frank Gorshin played the Riddler at the time.

This was the first time attending Stan Lee’s Comic Con. It was small and not too over crowding, but big enough for a nice sized Comic convention.

Click Here for some photos.

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