Wondercon 2016

From March 25-27, I attended WonderCon, the sister show to Comic-Con International, at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It is usually in Anaheim, CA. Like the larger Comic-Con event, WonderCon embraces many of the same interests, including comics, movies, TV, animation, and more. I truly enjoyed myself at this event. I felt as though it was very “sophisticated”. There was such amazing cosplay (which I was the most excited about).

My cosplay lineup was Dark Link, Black Widow, and a Steampunk outfit. I had props for each, which I normally do not do. I was told my Dark Link cosplay was one of the best they have seen. There was more walking room than Anime Expo, which I was more comfortable with. I also met some new an interesting people, including Nick from Nick Nack’s Photography who I had the pleasure of doing 2 photoshoots with and Jeffery from DataFist, the most hilarious yet amazing photographer I have met since moving to Southern California in 2013. I also did two photo shoots with as well.

I am no stranger to the Los Angeles area, especially the convention center. I go there for Anime Expo. I normally do not eat at the convention center. There is one particular food truck is on Figuroa Street with bacon wrapped hot dogs and quesadillas. It is cheaper. I also go to Red Mango LA Live. I try to stay fit just a little. Wondercon is more family friendly and mature individuals. So there was no weeboos (as far as I can see) or fake fans, etc. I will save to go to the one in Anaheim.

Click Here for some photos.

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