IHOP vs Denny’s

IHop and Denny’s are two completely different restaurant styles. IHop is more of a restaurant and Denny’s is a very popular diner. Every likes IHOP becausea  of their well cooked breakfast, portion sizes, and Belgin Waffles. People like Denny’s because it’s local, cooked right there, and is more family friendly.

I like both IHOP and Denny’s respectively. However, IHOP is more expensive. Everything is basically a charge such as, extra cheese, sauce, etc. Even the take out container is a charge. It’s too pricey, but if I could go for some Belgin waffles.

With Denny’s, the staff is polite and courteous. I’ve been to ones on the east coast and west coast. The timing I get food is about 15 minutes even when crowded. The prices are reasonable, especially with a lot of people.

both places are excellent for food, but I would choose Denny’s over IHOP. The food, service, and prices are a but better in my opinion.

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