I Do Not Sound White

This has been my issue my entire life. The phrase “sounding white” was always something that was said to me because I spoke a certain way. Black people who spoke a certain way are often told that they “sound white”. It is deemed to be an insult. For me, it was because I did not talk slang like the rest of the kids in school and that I enjoy learning new words from the dictionary and using them sometimes.

The whole concept of “sounding white” is a multilayer of crap. The English language is what it is…the English language. It is the most complicated language in history, yet a black woman is told that they “sound white”. Why? Is it because we are labeled to talk ghetto and “uneducated” or “undeveloped”? Do not tell me I sound white t make me more justifiable to you. When I was a kid, it was the greatest insult because I did not sound like I was from the “hood” or that I was from the city I was from (Chester, PA), when it fact I was born in raised here compared to a lot of people who came from other cities and other states. However, I am one of the few whose parents were not born in the same hometown I was or down south. That is a big deal to society.

Another issue of people telling me I “sound white” is because I enjoyed going to school (at the time). I enjoyed learning new things and new topics. Are we supposed to believe that “white people” sound smart and articulate? That is what society wants everyone to believe. Another phrase to “sounding white” is being well spoken. Being “white” is not the standard. Being “white” is not the best. You can be whoever you want to be. Telling me that I “sound white” is their way of telling me I did not belong or I do not belong here. I became so subconscious now about speaking up and being whom I really am. I was always worried about being judged the minute I opened my mouth. I am this way now. In my case, no matter how I talk, I am always black. If you think I am weird, so be it.

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