Santa Monica Beach

12002296_10205003641198304_3289625639811300147_nJust by my first visit, there is so much to love about Santa Monica. Santa Monica is a beach city, east of LA, with all of the culture and events of an active metropolis. Equal parts coastal getaway and urban center, Santa Monica serve as the perfect base for vacationers. The most obvious is the very laid back vibe around the seaside city. A typical, Southern Californian, relaxed mentality. Maybe it’s the fresh ocean air or the 340 days of sunshine each year – either way, it’s hard to feel anything other than happy and carefree here! I love the architecture of the houses. I love it. They are unique and well constructed. Second is the beach itself. It is clean, you can buy melons and watermelon right near the water. The boardwalk acts as a small market to stalls selling clothing, souvenirs and food. There is a strong carnival theme and you’re met with an amusement park at the end: Pacific Park. Personally, it was an interesting experience and at the end of the day was a beautiful sunset.



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