Black vs. African-American

Everyday I try to be a better quality of a human being, of a human heart. However, it is a constant better, especially while black. It is a way of overcoming and overcoming my weakest moment. It is something you work on everyday and put into practice. My life depends on it. However, being black, it makes it difficult. It took a while to think about this topic between being “black” and being “African-American”

We are classified at “African-American/black” no matter where we go. However, I am “black”. I am not “African American”. I was born in this country, which is full of culture and history. Even though, it is corrupt, I was still born and raised in this country making me “black”. For someone who is “African American”, it is someone who was not born in this county. The person arrived in this country by choice (or by their parents).

If you have noticed, African-Americans get jobs and get noticed as a human. Black people are a stain on the American flag. We are the most hated and the most loved, the most desired and the most feared. It created the sense of an oxymoron. It is crazy.

“Everyone wants to be black, but don’t nobody want to be Black” –Paul Mooney

Being black is strength. I am glad to be black. However, we continue to all be labeled by one title. And there is clearly a difference. America does not pay attention sometimes and that’s why things happen that we cannot control. We wait to be accepted as a race, while America waits for another revolution.

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