Individuality: Outside The Norm

I meet and see people on a day-to-day basis, whether it is in person or online. I am surrounded by personalities. I am sometimes uncomfortable about anyone I come in contact with, because everyone is content with being like everyone else. This world is at a standstill. It is slowly declining. However, technology advances and there are new scientific breakthroughs arising every week.

I exist in a world where individuals are in a constant state of unlearning and being brainwashed into doing the daily work to be free or to be one of “the sheep”. We follow the next trend that appears and believe that you should be a certain way to succeed. Today’s society or generation is being conditioned and cloaked in regularity of values, mentality, and even style. I am, by far, not a standard. I am less influenced by what “standard” is and the mind of others.

The way the world is. We are making the same encounters interacting with one version of the same person. People do not welcome different viewpoints and we shut down different ideas that exist outside the box. I feel, at times, I am not welcomed. I think outside the norm, which is not accepted sometimes. Why do we need to do the same things as others? Individualism matters, though small, it is very important. I’ve always had, but no one accepted it.

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