Does True Love Exist?

I always had love from my dad. I never questioned how much my dad loved me. When it come to being in relationships, it was always about what I looked like or how I can change for them. All I ever wanted was someone to believe in me and accept me with all my flaws. Things are not to be rushed, especially a relationship. It takes time to learn how things are, how your partner reacts, and to find ourselves as a couple.

Here is my question. Does true love really exist. I remember when I was in grade school and I met teachers who were married for 30, 40, or 50 years. I thought that was truly incredible. These are teachers who have been teaching for 30 years and are ready to retire. I admire these marriages, because they are real. That was something I wanted. Beginning at the age of 16, I have been in relationships and each time I believed it would last. I did not believe someone would waste their time being with someone that they do not want to be with for a long time. However, they break up with me or cheat on me.

Time after time, my these relationships break my heart. Somehow I was the blame. I was either to0 nice or too open, the fact I do not want children, or they found someone better. Now, the blame game seems to be the issue in society. When things go wrong, I put a lot of blame on myself and no one else. I am to blame for being distant. I was born that way and that is why you work on it. I was told I do not know how to talk to people and I say things I need to think about. In my perspective, I say what is the truth. Sometimes I am nervous. I am a nervous individual, but I always tell the truth. I am even told that I am way more determined and focused than most. To the point that I neglect those around me. My point is, I am not the only one to blame. Men fail to see themselves at fault. They make mistakes too. They neglect and do not know what to say sometimes. I am tired explaining to people how I am

When a relationship fails, it is both parties. It seems to be a pattern, because when they broke up with me they would move on rather quickly to someone else. As I got older, I did more research on how relationships are supposed to me. Relationships are made up of trust, compromise, loyalty, intimacy, love, devotion, and communication.

Now, it seems like true love does not exist anymore. It seems that people only date for awhile and then find someone better or give them what they think they need. People break up all the time, and even if you really fell in love with someone, chances are that they don’t feel the same. It seems like it can come and go. I made my relationships feel like marriage. I could not date a man if my intentions were not long term. The idea behind making a relationship work is to not quit when it gets hard. I feel that is the problem. That is why people may lose the feeling of love and that should not be that way. People love differently. I love with intensity. I am starting to believe that true love is fading in today’s society.

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