Everyone has their definition of what is selfish. Selfishness is a fundamental principle because you are faced with a few questions about yourself. Whom do you live for? Do you live for yourself or for others? What does it really mean to live for yourself? The answers to these questions can determine how your life may go or the actions you take.

The dictionary definition of selfish is lacking consideration of others being concerned of ones profit or pleasure. Sometimes it can be confused with being yourself, especially if you are fed up with others taking advantage of you. In life, you are allowed to be selfish. You are the sole person who knows what is right for you and what really makes you happy. I am called a selfish human being because of several reasons. I make choice that benefit me, that ensures my happiness.

I do not think it is selfish to be overly determined. I don’t think it is selfish to live life as you wish as long as it does not harm or negatively influence others.  The next time someone says you are selfish, look it up because sometimes that is not the case.

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